Do you have an existing deck or patio?  

You are closer to an amazing outdoor living space than you think!  

Check out these tips to make the MOST out of what very well can be your favorite room in the house... The OUTDOOR Room!



When designing the components for your patio, seating for your guests can be one of the most important factors.  Often seating will be broken down into different "stations" of the patio, which could consist of dining, fireside and bar area.  What is the typical size of your gatherings and events?  Providing ample space for people to enjoy ensures your that your guests will not only stay and enjoy themselves, but will undoubtedly jump at the chance to come back to your next outdoor party!





Food Preperation

Enjoying some food on the BBQ is one of the best parts of an outdoor event... there are several ways to incorparate cooking into your outdoor space!  From built-in grills, sideburners, fryers and more.. the options are countless.  It is important to keep in mind that prep space in just as important as the grill itself.  When there is ample space to prepare your food grill-side, store your cooking accessories and entertain your guests at the same time, the task of cooking becomes something that is easy and fun!  





Lighting your outdoor space can often be overlooked, but when the time and thought is put into accentuating the different features of your patio it can make or break the functionality of your space in the evening hours.  Lighting can highlight your grilling and seating stations, and make your patio look like it's right out of a magazine!










Gathering around the fire, toasting some marshmellows and exchanging stories with friends is what the outdoor life is all about!  Not only are fire pits the perfect centerpiece for your patio, fireplaces and fire tables are now making statements in a big way outdoors!










This is a component that your space may or may not require, but something to consider is that the shade structure can act in many different functions.  A pergola can not only break up the sun significantly, but it can also hold a solid top to protect from rain.  Pergolas can also be the perfect platform for lighting and focal pieces like chandeliers and outdoor curtains, which are the finishing touches that bring the whole room together.  Which brings up another benefit of the shade structure... giving the feeling that you're standing inside of an actual open-air room!